Creativity Workshop: Embrace Complexity Through Creative Leadership

North America

Thursday, December 9, 2021, 5:00 – 6:00 PM UTC


    About this event

    Women in Tech USA presents our second Creativity and Innovation workshop — Embrace Complexity Through Creative Leadership presented by Van Lai-DuMone, Founder of worksmart Advantage, Creative Strategist, TEDx Speaker, and Creativity & Innovation Programming Co-Chair at Women in Tech.

    Times of complexity require us to think bigger, not smaller. Learn how to be a creative leader; someone who is confident and competent at thinking differently when it comes to problem-solving & idea generation. Accomplish this by tapping into your own creativity as well as that of your team, because solutions can come from any level of your organization. Creativity has the potential to turn complexity and uncertainty into possibilities. Find out how!

    Through this interactive talk, get into the mind of a creative leader - and embody it for yourself. Creativity encourages you to find fresh perspectives from yourself and others; and through that diversity of idea sharing is where your next big win can come from!


    1. Shift your mindset and overcome limiting beliefs about your own creativity and the creativity of your team. We are all innately creative!

    2. Learn tangible tools to tap into your team’s creative capacity, as well as your own - so all ideas make it to the table.

    3. Develop a simple plan to make a 5% shift in the way you currently operate and incorporate creativity into your work. 


    • Stephanie Tatum

      Women in Tech USA

      Marketing Director

    • Van Lai-DuMone


      Founder & Creative Strategist

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