Leadership Series Workshop: Strategic Negotiation Skills.

North America

Thu, Oct 14, 4:30 PM (UTC)


    About this event

    Women in Tech USA Leadership Programming is built to help women develop the confidence, strategies, and skills to thrive in their careers while remaining authentic to themselves. In our next leadership workshop: Strategic Negotiation Skills, we will be joined by guest speaker Dr. Ing. Mira Vasic, Senior Partner and Co-owner of In Touch Female Leadership & Career Academy.

    Negotiation is one of the most critical factors for success, but people with more feminine features and people with more masculine features negotiate differently. This 60-minute workshop will show different steps in negotiating: how to prepare, what strategy to choose and how to play the ‘negotiation game’. We will dive deep into the differences between masculine and feminine negotiation styles and give practical tips on how you can negotiate more effectively within our field of influence. The workshop is practical, interactive, filled with humor and a positive attitude towards both men and women.

    Dr. Ing. Mira Vasic helps individuals develop their leadership skills and companies become truly inclusive. She is an expert on topics of female leadership and gender diversity. Mira is a frequently asked international keynote speaker and teaches MBA courses for Politecnico di Milano Business School. She has a tremendous passion for empowering women.


    • Dr. Ing. Mira Vasic

      In Touch Female Leadership & Career Academy

      Senior Partner and Co-owner

    • Stephanie Tatum

      Women in Tech USA

      Marketing Director